Meet The Team

Elad Barak

Elad Barak

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

If there is one thing that excites Elad most about space it would have to be reminiscing on the times he used to operate a space craft. You heard that right, he actually maneuvered space crafts around Earth. Just like space, there are endless possibilities about cannabis in the recreational and medical areas. An ideal day for Elad would be to sit in a Muskoka chair on Enceladus (one of Saturn's moons) and gaze at Saturn and its rings. While he's not daydreaming of sitting on a moon, you can see him in the Voyager office researching new business developments and making sure this team stays focused.

Giovanni Gerbolini

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

We are constantly discovering new things and proving old theories yet we still somehow know close to nothing about Space. Out of everything floating around in space, Saturn is what excites Giovanni most. Ever since he did a project in middle school, he has been fascinated by its rings and 60+ moons. Giovanni doesn't smoke nor vape cannabis, so what interests him the most about this newly legal industry is discovering new ways of consumption and exploring interesting products in the market. When it comes to making sure the business runs smoothly, Giovanni is the guy! He prioritizes key strategies and executes on key tactics that help build Voyager's value proposition.

Giovanni Gerbolini

Arjen Melis

Chief Strategy Officer

As soon as spaceship flights go on sale, you can count on Arjen being first in line to buy a ticket! Even though he has a wide network of friends and colleagues on earth, he is eager to meet the Martians people have been referring to for over decades. Not only is there infinite potential and many unexplored areas about space, but this is also mirrored in the health and wellness use of with cannabis. We are only at the beginning of research and we have come such a long way! Arjen is the captain of this voyage and he knows best when it comes to making good choices, where to go and how to get there.

Sara Russell

Chief Marketing Officer

When it comes to star gazing, Sara would have to be the number one fan. If star jumping were a thing, she would take this up as a hobby. While she is out there star jumping, Sara would like to visit the moon. If a man can visit, why can't this girl go for a visit? Just like space and all of its theories, this goes hand in hand with the cannabis industry. Similar there being endless amounts of stars, there are countless health benefits in the cannabis industry that we are only at the beginning of discovering. Ever since Sara joined the Voyager team, her main mission is making sure this company has a great community and builds amazing partnerships.