The Four Pillars Of Dosing And How They Apply In Cannabis

With the growing number of people able and willing to experience health and wellness benefits from cannabis, dosing becomes an extremely important topic in cannabis conversation. Since the therapeutic value of cannabis is no longer a question, the goal now is to find optimal consumption patterns that fit people’s wellness needs and lifestyle. Except for classic dry leaf products, the rapidly evolving cannabis market offers a wide range of concentrates, edibles, smokeless delivery mechanisms, etc., answering the needs of health conscious consumers and medical patients. In many cases, dosing can still be a challenge even for doctors, who aren’t sure at what amount of cannabis can be prescribed to individuals and what effect it will have.

Let’s start with understanding what dosing is. Depending on who you are talking to, the definition might differ and the approaches vary. At a recent Cannabis Hour event by Benzinga, Mara Gordon of Aunt Zelda’s, a cannabis advocate, entrepreneur and researcher defined dosing the following way: “Dosing is how much you take and how frequently you take it. That’s the basics for a therapeutic dose. And the therapeutic dose is the amount it takes to achieve what your objective is with the medicine, anything more or less is just random. If I have a headache and I want to take enough cannabis to get rid of it, I don’t want to get high, I just want my headache to go away.”

In the same conversation Rob Roscow, Chief Scientific Officer of Mydecine, a psychedelic medicine company, said: “better dose-ability makes cannabis products more compatible to the consumer. It’s absolutely applicable for psychedelics, making them more compatible with therapy practice. Dose-ability will help them (psychedelics) become more usable in therapists’ hands”.

“I couldn’t agree more,” says Elad Barak, CEO of Voyager, “in addition we bring more layers to the definition of dosing, which have shaped the path of innovation for Voyager”.

Voyager’s vision of dosing is based on four pillars: customization, precision, repeatability and simplicity.


Giving a consumer the freedom to decide whether to take one milligram of cannabis, five, or 10. Enabling the consumers to tailor the dose to a specific need, whether it is to stop a headache, get a good sleep or relax with friends.

It is important to have this freedom, because people range in genetic predisposition, use frequency (heavy/occasional consumers), tolerance (which builds up overtime), etc. The same dosage can and most likely will affect two people differently.

Many cannabis companies see a great value in customization of cannabis products. Tyler Robson, CEO at The Valens Company, has recently talked about the consumer experience and customer personalization in The Cannabis Conversation podcast, saying: “If you and I have the same edible, it will affect each of us differently”.

For example, when a couple at home having a cannabis beverage on a Friday night, one of them can feel pretty high, while the other one can be disappointed with having no effect. We strongly believe that there’s no one-dose-fits-all and that the consumers should be able to find and master the dose that is right for them. Imagine if each one in the couple had a drink, customized for them, allowing them to be in the same relaxed state of mind. One only needs 2.5 milligrams to achieve that harmony, while the other one - 8 mg. Voyager’s innovation can help find this common denominator by customizing their beverage.


Having an accurate amount of cannabis in one dose. For example having exactly 2.5 milligrams in each soft gel pill. This is extremely important for medical cases, where a precise dose activates a specific therapeutic effect. However in the world of recreational and wellness-focused consumption, people want to make sure they will receive the expected accurate dose that will achieve the desired result without getting unwanted side effects.

People won’t have the same type/amount of cannabis when treating a headache in the office as they would take while relaxing at home. Getting the therapeutic effect of cannabis pain medication and at the same time not getting high, in order to be able to perform at work, requires precision. Consuming less won’t help with the pain, while having more might cause unwanted effects.

At Voyager we’ve invented a patent pending technology to support the precision of cannabis consumption.


It’s a direct succession of precision. On top of knowing that the product is accurate, we also want to know that every time we use it, we’ll get the same dose in order to predict our next cannabis experience. It’s key to being in control when consuming cannabis. To many people it has been a barrier that holds them from enjoying the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Precision and repeatability address and help remove this barrier for many potential cannabis consumers. Voyager dispenser guarantees the same precise dose over and over again, allowing consumers control and manage their cannabis experience.


“Simplicity is not a simple thing”, Charlie Chaplin.

We believe that in order to be effective, a dosing mechanism needs to be simple. If the process is not convenient, it’s unlikely to be used. Ease of use shapes the whole experience. Customizing a beverage with 10 mg of cannabis oil using a dosing cap requires you to count 30 drops, which is not easy at all. The Voyager team pre-defined simplicity and created an advanced technology to make cannabis consumption seamless. Imagine infusing beverages or food with cannabis (and any other liquid concentrates) with just a tap of a finger. You can do this with our pocket size dispenser.

We are proud to be helping consumers achieve their desired therapeutic effect in an easier, smarter, and better way.

These four dosing pillars are the cornerstones to Voyager’s product development and define our unique offer to consumers. Our research has shown strong appeal to both new and particularly current consumers who realize that their current consumption choice falls short versus our multi-layered definition of dosing.

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