How Voyager Evolved To Elevate the Experience For Current and Curious Cannabis Consumers

The Vision

While cannabis is getting legalized and accepted in more countries and states, many people, who never tried it before, are turning to the plant for healthier alternatives to medications, treatments and alcohol. Our consumer research revealed three main barriers that keep people away from starting their cannabis exploration: fear of losing control or taking too much, not wanting to smoke and bad smell. The Voyager solution was created to make cannabis consumption worry-free and safe. We envision cannabis products becoming acceptable and available to a variety of consumers in North America and the world. By eliminating barriers through precise and customizable dosing technology in a non-inhalable/smoke-free (= healthier) way of consumption, we aim to lead the mainstream adoption of cannabis for health and wellness purposes.

The Team

Behind Voyager’s vision stands a team of executives: Elad Barak, Giovanni Gerbolini and Arjen Melis. Each one of them coming from different industries brings unique expertise to Voyager’s innovation. Elad Barak is an aerospace and robotics engineer, who also is a long-time medical cannabis consumer, knowing the power of this natural alternative to pain medication from the first source. Elad is the ideator and visionary, using his Israeli “hutzpa” to drive the startup forward. Giovanni Gerbolini is an engineer with strategy consulting experience in cannabis, spearheading operations in the company. Giovanni and Elad crossed paths at Rotman School of Management, where the two were polishing their entrepreneurial skills and learning Canadian business culture as international MBA students. Arjen Melis, a seasoned global Consumer Packaged Goods executive, came into the game as a mentor and first investor, drawn in to solve a consumer need in a big emerging white space. Arjen is responsible for leading the strategy and building the way for the product to market to win with Partner Brands and Consumers. A fun fact - Arjen knows prices, skus and even flavours of any non-flower cannabis product.

The Pivot

The original idea was to create a cannabis beverage that would taste good, have a quick onset and provide health and wellness benefits. However the challenge of meeting the consumer taste preference and desire to fully customize the experience, together with the economics of creating a beverage and complexities to go to market, led the team to the big pivot. That created the requirements for something compact, fully customizable, borrowing from other consumer success models such as Keurig and Mio. Starting in July 2019, the company has focused on developing a precise dosing mechanism for liquid concentrates. This is when the true birth of a med-tech innovation named Voyager happened.

The Solution

We have created a pocket-sized dispenser, not to be confused with a vape, allowing people to precisely dose their cannabis consumption by either infusing their beverage of choice or for direct sublingual use. The product works by connecting a dispenser (one-time purchase) to a pod that holds 20 mL of either oil or water-soluble beverage drops. Consumers can customize their dosage in 1mg increments as desired. The dispenser then indicates to the pod how much product to dispense with less than +/- 3% variance.

Consumer Feedback

In the research we have conducted with DIG Insights, consumers who were exposed to the concept of Voyager had lots of positive feedback. They like the ability to control and track their consumption, the freedom to choose the cannabis brands of their choice in the pods and eliminate the risks related with consuming too much. Here are some respondent quotes from the study:

Feedback from LPs/Brands

We have been actively recruiting Licensed Producers and Cannabis Brands partners in order to provide a variety of choices in the Voyager ecosystem. Here is what partners say about us:

Retail Feedback

Provincial Boards across Canada gave Voyager very warm feedback and are waiting for the product to be available to the consumers as soon as possible. Here’s a sneak peak to the feedback we have received from them:

Vote For The Brands You Want To See In Voyager Pods

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